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"I have used many on-line formats currently available for group instruction. None of them can do what Let Me Learn can do through Face2Face. This system is far more sophisticated than anything I have seen or used. This is amazing, just amazing! Not only does Face2Face have excellent tools available, one can use them seamlessly."
         Michelle Attard, Professional Educational Trainer, Malta

"I have to tell you that it was a real pleasure for me to be able to bring this to the international forum and to have the Face2Face system perform so far above expectations."
         Chris Johnston, Ed.,D., Let Me Learn, Inc., (a Face2Face Host)

"I very much enjoyed the presentation I watched on Face2Face. It is amazing the technology that makes this all possible. The thought of watching this at the same time with people all over the world and being able to share comments with them is truly remarkable. Thanks for the opportunity."
         M Holt about Rod (a Face2Face Host)

"There was a lot of practical information, very well presented. The format felt like a live classroom, much more so than the usual Powerpoint webinar."
         Val (First time user)

"The webinar with Dave went amazing! I don't think I've ever enjoyed listening to a presentation that much, now I understand why Dolly (her horse) is so locked up in her body and why people think different things about riding. And it all makes sense! Thank you so much for recommending him and helping get things together!"
         Ailish about Dave (a Face2Face Host)

"I want to thank Sharon Anne for her BBB (Better Baking Buttermilk) class tonight. The software installation was easy and it performed flawlessly for the class. I'm looking forward to making wheat bread with buttermilk now! If you've been on the fence about attending, I highly recommend it."
         Mike about Sharon Anne (a Face2Face Host)

"I finally got to take the BBB (Better Baking Buttermilk) Class. It was really GREAT, and so much good information. I got great assistance... from Face2Face... (I'm not very computer literate, but am learning) they walked me through each step to logging on. The class felt just like we were in an actual classroom with Sharon Anne, and her voice was crystal clear. The group interaction was neat. Thank you, to Sharon Anne for exposing me to a new concept in communication. IT WAS TRULY A LEARNING EXPERIENCE."
         Janice about Sharon Anne (a Face2Face Host)

"Just thought I would share (Attendee comments about Face2Face) so you would know your work is effecting lives in a very positive way!!!"
         David Genadek (a Face2Face Host)