Face2Face Fees

We are working hard to keep our costs down and passing the savings onto you. One way to do this is to break up the fees so you only pay for what you want.

Our fees are as follows:
    There are discounts for multiple month purchases.     Learn about more services
$15.00 USD per month for 5 seats

Additional Seats
$0.50 per seat per month

Additional Mics
$.50 per seat per month

$.50 per seat per month

F2FPortal Marketing
$15.00 USD per month
Basic "Room" includes:
    Connecting up to 5 attendees at a time in a session. You have unlimited use of the room
    VoIP (using a microphone to talk to your group)
        2 Active mic connections
        You can, in essence, hand the microphone around to your audience.
    Host transferring during a session
    Text Messaging

If you want more people to have an active microphone at the same time like a panel discussion or for more group interaction. (If you need more than 5 additional mics let us know)

Face2Face is not designed to be a desktop sharing tool, but you can include this feature.

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