Marketing Your Session   Help Fund This Project
Start marketing by developing a quality on-line session for others to enjoy. If you need help, we're available.

There are many ways hosts can get the word out: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites and emails and we encourage all of them.

But remember; people you don't know come to the Portal often to see what sessions are available.

All roads lead to the F2F Portal!

As The Portal grows exponentially, people tell others, who tell more, and more tell others. In today's viral marketing, hundreds of thousands can know of a great class, seminar, presentation, etc. within days. That's kind of exciting isn't it?

We'll spot-light your session from time to time on the F2F Portal website. We can also send 15 and 30 second introductory ads about you that need to be watched by guests before joining a session. Small non-intrusive ads, sent during sessions, allow attendees to click links they want to view after they're finished with the session.

Consider offering free or very low cost sessions to promote greater events or products and services. Give attendees a taste of what you offer so they want more. These are tried and proven methods of marketing that, while being modified, will never go away.

Remember in sales the adage is still true: "People buy people first, price second, product third." The best way to sell your program is to sell them on you. Care about them and they will care about you. People want to be taught by people who care.

Face2Face is not a machine... it's a group of people who care about people!