Hosting a Session    Help Fund This Project
When you subscribe as a host you'll receive the codes needed to start your own live, on-line Face2Face session. Using the F2F Viewer to join a session is free; hosting a session has a nominal monthly fee.

Because desktop streaming is an option not a necessity, Face2Face offers you hosting methods not available anywhere else.

You may choose to have a session running all day allowing people to join anytime they want for customer support, collaboration or just TRUE instant meetings!
After you set up your free F2F Account you can subscribe to be a host anytime. You will quickly learn how to start and manage a session through tutorials and live group sessions you can join at no extra charge. People who were intimidated by computers and felt they didn't have technology skills have successfully hosted a session in under an hour. We're here to help you every step of the way.

Starting and managing a session can be done by a friend, partner or family member even though you're the host. Remote session control has the advantage of allowing you to concentrate on teaching or selling to large groups while someone else handles the "behind the scenes" details. Think of it as you being a radio show host and a friend, partner or family member being your engineer. It also makes it easy to host a fair and bring people in as guest hosts while monitoring the program from start to finish.

When it comes to content there are various ways to present it:
     1: Simply show pictures and draw on the whiteboard.
     2: Create a downloadable content file called an ICE Cube.   Learn about ICE Cubes.
     3: Deliver your content on a CD or DVD.
     4: Use the F2F Streamer to share your desktop applications.

Each have different advantages and can also be used in combination with each other.

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