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Face2Face™ is a new release of a well received and thoroughly tested program called ReGL™ used since 20001.

Face2Face is a system, not just a software program. It all starts with someone wanting to teach, tutor, sell, entertain, support or collaborate with others. Many times these people have been doing what they do in person at much expense and time. They still want to do their thing but want a larger audience or are tired of the cost, travel and pressure.

Now, through Face2Face you can market to a growing global audience, be as creative as you want with your content material and allow attendees to participate as if in person. You can charge attendees less to attend and still make more because the cost of putting on a show is so much less then other options. Attendees also find the comfort of their own home or office as the ideal setting to participate in an exciting, fun, online experience.

Because the content can be delivered by CD, DVD or downloaded from the Internet before the event, you can "go crazy" with your material, offering to those who attend everything from quality video to interactive applications to multi-user collaboration and more without limits. And everyone stays synchronized!

Content can even be protected from unauthorized use, by making it only available in an authorized Face2Face session by authorized presenters. Our hosts have total control of their content. Host can offer handouts, conduct testing, facilitate group interaction and most of all, build strong and lasting relationships.

The F2F Portal is the place to start.

Download and install the free Face2Face Viewer if you haven't already.

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