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The Face2Face Viewer is free to download and use!

    The Viewer began in 2000 under the name ReGL which was an acronym for Remote Guidance Learning and has been used in business sales, family history sessions, cooking sessions, training, customer support, marketing, and even in developing itself! We have always used the program to build the program and meet the needs of our hosts and their attendees. A new version is in beta testing phase and will be major release incorporating exciting new features and more working room.
    By 2010 people were telling us the program was not only assisting them in business but helping them stay in business. It opened up doors of opportunity those using it would not have had otherwise. As the outside pressure to expand grew, we found we needed to do things differently then had been done in the past. A new paradigm needed to be developed combining marketing and fulfillment strategies of successful Internet companies from a diverse range of disciplines.

The Face2Face Viewer along with the F2F Portal is the result of this next generation social media paradigm.

The Viewer is designed to be non-browser based. This means you don't need your Internet browser active to use it. It also allows for more integration with programs that bring a whole new level of interaction between hosts and attendees.

To see a multi-media presentation about what Face2Face can do click here.

It incorporates:

Whiteboard/Glassboard, Video, Presentations, Text Messaging, Streaming (if needed), VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol, Security...and much more.