How Face2Face Works —

There are three levels of participation in a Face2Face live, online session:

A: As a Guest – listen to the host and text your questions and comments. Learn More
B: Create a Free Account and use a headset/microphone to listen and talk. Learn More
C: Subscribe to a "Room" and host your own sessions. Learn More

The 4 Steps to a Great Online Experience!

1st: Install the Viewer –   Click Here to Install the Face2Face Viewer
The Face2Face Viewer is not browser dependent. You do not need your Internet browser active to use it. The Viewer is powered by our ICE system. ICE is what makes all of the other cool features work. You only need to install the Viewer the first time. If you already have installed it then you're ahead of the game.

2nd: Register for a Session –  Click Here to view the available sessions
If you haven't already registered for a session, view the sessions that providers are offering. Some are free and others have a fee to register. Once you have chosen from the list you can register and the codes you need to join the session will be emailed to you.

3rd: Download the Content –
Some sessions will not need any content to pre-download but others will. The process for getting the content (we call content "ICE Cubes") is the same as for joining a session. Click here to learn more.

4th: When the time is right... Join the session!  Learn How
We recommend you sign up for a Free account. You don't have to, but doing so will give you more options to enhance the experience.
Click Here to Sign Up

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