JCL Innovations, LLC

For years the founders of JCL Innovations, LLC. have served small businesses around the world though consulting, business plans, websites, software, financial analysis, management and sales training.

We decided to pool our talents and resources and focus on solutions that promote education, enterprise and relationships around the world. Of course we have not done everything by ourselves. People have given advice, financial support and time to test system and technology development over the years. We are grateful to all who have come forward to help in any way.

Currently, we're a small American made, Utah based business with a large focus on solving some of the Internet's problems. We have seen over the years a decline in the way people interact with each other. Most Internet contact is through text messaging to someone we've never met or actually spoken with. We can go online and view videos, read email, surf websites and post blogs but don't interact. Most online education is build around e-reading, show and tell webinars and the do-it-yourself mentality.

Since when have people been do-it-yourself creatures?

Part of 'social' is talking. There's a part of social that's been almost completely eliminated though—doing things together.

So we decided to put that part of social back into social media. It's been a tough journey. Pioneering usually is. We've spent years and tens of thousands of dollars developing a program to get back to what we've had for centuries—teaching and sharing with a personal touch. The difference is we've made it possible to experience doing things together with a global audience.

It's our dream to help home-schooling by making it possible to incorporate quality teachers from around the world in a classroom setting and still maintain personalized teaching. We're also aware of a large number of single parent families, families struggling to make ends meet and disabled people who find it hard to get around that have great talents and skills to share but need a way to enhance their income.

We've developed Face2Face to be a system to solve these problems. Our long-term goal is to become the provider of choice for Internet-based teaching, marketing, selling, presenting and interacting—regardless of size.

Everyone who works at JCL is an entrepreneur first and foremost. Do we want to make money? Absolutely! Is that our primary focus? No, it's a necessity. We feel if we help enough people achieve their dreams and goals they'll help us stay in business and make it worth our while. Some have told us we help people too much. Is that even possible? Isn't that what we're here for?

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